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Processing a difficult image

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

We've all had sessions where things don't go quote to plan - like a baby going to the loo just when you put them down in your set-up! So what do we do? For this image, I really wanted to use the same blanket so I lined the area with warn clean blankets and removed them digitally afterwards. I'll walk you through how I made these changes. First, here is the finished image.

Final Image

Starting Point

This is the image I started with. As you see, there are some issues. It's a little dark and too pink. A couple of blemishes, some wrinkles in the blanket (despite LOTS of steaming) and of course, the pink liner separating the baby from the wet and dirty area of the blanket.

First Steps

The first thing to do was to fix the major issues, blemishes, wrinkles etc which I did with the photoshop patch tool. I then smoothed the skin a little with my action pre-sets and reduced the red in the skin tones. Then I took a second photo which I snapped after I'd taken the baby away. I'll use this to fill in the areas where the pink blanket was. You can see the wet patches but it won't show though.

Combining the layers

I then combined these images to make the image below. All I needed to do to finish was crop to shape, make it black and white, and add a vignette for a touch of drama!

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